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Our philosophy.
At Jeneva Capital our philosophy is to add value not only to our portfolio but to our investors as well. We succeed only when our investors succeed. We seek multifamily real estate investments that can be improved through correcting operational inefficiencies and undertaking renovations. We reach our financial objections through conservative underwriting and meticulous execution of our real estate strategies.
Who we’re looking for.
If you are someone that has a great mindset, great attitude, and loves cash flow we will be a perfect fit. Jeneva Capital is of the mindset to seek constant improvement and to reach for higher standards.
The investment lifecycle.

1. Asset

1 Day – 1 Year
Pre-screen | Drive By | Track Leads

2. Analysis

2 – 6 Weeks
Market Research | Shop Comparable Properties | Assess Value-Add Potential

3. Due Diligence & Negotiations

4 – 8 Weeks
Onsite Inspections | Financial Records Review | Review Rent Roll and Lease Contracts | Interview Staff

4. Acquisition

30 – 60 Days
Entity Formation | Begin Equity Raise | Negotiate Debt Terms | Contract with Property Management Co. | Finalize Value-Add Plan

5. Value-Add/Rehab Reposition

1 – 3 Years
Takeover Property | Transition Staff | Renovation Plan Execution | Frequent Rehab Meetings | Onsite Visits/Reviews

6. Asset Management

2 – 5 Years
Monthly Financial Reviews | Weekly Property Management Calls | Conduct Onsite Visits | Produce Quarterly Investor Statements | Manage Cash Flow | Make Quarterly Investor Distributions | Provide Annual K1s/1099s

7. Disposition

6 – 12 Months
Prep Property for Sale | Select Broker | Market Property | Close Sale | Make Final Distribution to Investors

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