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Multifamily real estate investments.
Jeneva Capital invests in add value multifamily real estate in specific markets across the United States. We provide our investors with returns from investing in real estate. Investing with Jeneva Capital is a great way to create long term wealth and provides one of the most transparent investments. We believe the more transparent the investment the more success for you.

We invest in specific multifamily real estate in specific markets.

Investors receive monthly statements.

Jeneva Capital only receives returns after our investors see their returns.

We only invest in add value multifamily real estate and cash flowing property.

We succeed only when our investors succeed.

working with us.
Meet the owner.

Dan Ney has been investing in real estate since 2004, from new construction to commercial property management. Dan is a licensed real estate broker in Wisconsin. After graduating from WCTC, in Pewaukee WI , with an Associate Degree in Real Estate and a certificate in property management Dan had worked for one of Wisconsin’s largest commercial property syndicators and has completed 30+ real estate transactions on his own.